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M3 Companies

M3 Companies communities are designed to stand the test of time. Every property is a gem. Every property offers a fulfilling lifestyle in a unique setting. Every property is designed to honor and advance the timeless heritage of the West.

Sandstone American Ranch and Prescott American Ranch embody this heritage with ranch homesteads, fully appointed Equestrian Centers and inviting Ranch Camps, all an easy drive to historic 19th Century towns.

Wickenburg Ranch serves as the prime example of M3's desire to preserve the Western heritage by upgrading the current surroundings to rejuvenate a community. The Wickenburg Ranch is slated to refurbish the casitas and the Merv Griffin lodge existing on the property. A golf course and Equestrian Center are also planned.

Prescott Lakes offers spectacular championship golf in the midst of Native American petroglyphs and eight beautifully designed neighborhoods.

M3 Eagle is a 6,000-acre property in Idaho, running for miles alongside the foothills just outside of Boise. M3 Companies is inventing new concepts of community for a new generation of buyers.